Turtle Optimism

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Optimism is the best way to see life. Is not it right?


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The reason why you will find yourself having the time of your life most of the time is because of things other people will do. The chances of seeing something funny in a day are very slim. This site allows you to connect to funny pictures, funny images, funny videos, funny jokes, memes and funny moving pictures from all over the world. This is a hub of things that will break your ribs with some being stupid, plain funny or interesting. There is nothing as funny as seeing a pair of chicken playing football, some people falling in funny ways and memes expressing the funny realities of the world. It is not always the ridiculous things that make us laugh. You can find humor in things that you simply think about with funny memes backing up. These take you back to hilarious moments that you had but never had the time to enjoy. You will be reminded of that awkward moment when you wave at someone and the person does not notice, that moment when you hit your head on a pole and resist rubbing it because of embarrassment, that moment you think you are alone and do ridiculous things and many more.